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Miss Ellen

Miss Ellen has been dancing with Dance HDC since she was 3 years old, this year will be in her 20th dance recital with us! She started at the studio taking ballet and tap, then quickly fell in love with jazz and lyrical as she grew up in classes. Miss Ellen started teaching with Dance HDC in 2008 as an assistant to the Pre-K ballet classes, progressed to teaching her own Pre-K and K ballet classes, combo classes, then took on upper level lyrical, ballet, and jazz! Ellen has danced with groups varying from the HDC performance team, to the University of Delaware Repertory Dance Company, and the Philadelphia Soul AFL dance team, the Philadelphia Soulmates. 
Miss Ellen graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education with certification in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She is currently a K/1 teacher at First State Montessori Academy.